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2021 was another year of M&A in the LBM Industry. These mergers and acquisitions will forever change the structure of the market and our industry, and as the industry continues to change, we will continue to see more of them. Dive in deep with Brett as he analyzes these critical topics with Ruth Kellick-Grubbs & Greg McCarthy from Kellick & Associates in Ep 45: For Sale By Owner, and discuss why business owners are buying or selling and what you need to do to prepare for whatever 2022 could bring.

Guests: Ruth Kellick-Grubbs & Greg McCarthy

For more information about Ruth, Greg & Kellick & Associates: 
Ruth Kellick-Grubb’s LinkedIn
Kellick & Associates:
Kellick & Associates: (828) 894-0198

More Episodes with Ruth: Ep 19: To Be, Or Not To Be… Efficient¬†