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Trades are one of the foundational building blocks of the LBM and Construction Industry. We all need trades like welding, tool & die, carpentry, and masonry – and the trades need all of us. Many tradesmen and women will be retiring in the next few years without a back flow of younger generations to take their place. In this episode, Brett sits down with Steve Turner to discuss how the trades are struggling and how Bring Back The Trades, Inc, a not-for-profit organization, is helping change the attitude on trades and reinvigorate our industry one future tradesman or tradeswoman at a time.

Guest: Steve Turner

For more information about Steve Turner and Bring Back The Trades: 
LinkedIn: Steve Turner’s LinkedIn
LinkedIn: Bring Back The Trades LinkedIn
Facebook: Bring Back The Trades
Instagram: Bring Back The Trades
YouTube: Bring Back The Trades